Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CARROLL SHELBY TRIBUTE by Jason Matthew Mahan / Brasspineapple Productions

I Have decided to Dedicate a ( Full Blog ) Tribute page to The Iconic Automotive Legend
Mr. Carroll Shelby of whom is not with us upon this earth in physical Prescence but very Present
Spiritualy and Inspirationaly.

His great efforts in the Automotive endeavors of original creation and fabrication have proven a
very sincere credit to automotive arts of engineering success.

I have never personally met Mr. Shelby , but since i was about 8 or 9 years old have had a fascination with sports cars old and new through the years of my own.

And through those years i have come to know who Mr. Carroll Shelby was and what he has contributed to the automotive industry.

I have had some oppurtunities to film replicas of his designs through various automotive exibitions of various owners of whom do own these models of Shelby's inspiration and Design Creation.

As time goes on very few will be able to offer what The True Automotive Artists such as Mr. Carroll Shelby has already done.

Failed Chicken Farmer ???  NAH...... (  AUTOMOTIVE GENIUS ! )

Thanks for reading my dedication Blog to Mr. Carroll Shelby
My most sincere Condolences to his friends,family,co-workers,associates, and all those of whom have had the honors of owning his creations whether replicated or original.

Most sincerely, Jason Matthew Mahan / Brasspineapple Productions